Jennifer Poulos, Psy.D

Dr. Jennifer Poulos is a pediatric psychologist who emphasizes personalized care for infants, toddlers, young children (ages 0-6), and their families at Intown Pediatric Behavioral Wellness in Atlanta. She also focuses on assisting patients 0-18 years of age obtain the Katie Beckett/Deeming Wavier, NOW COMP Waiver, and SSI. With a family-centered approach, she helps children and families cope and thrive in the face of developmental, cognitive, emotional, behavioral, and chronic medical conditions. Dr. Poulos and her team create holistic treatment plans for each of her patients that take into account all aspects of a child’s physical, social, and emotional wellbeing.

Intown Wellness provides a broad spectrum of care, including comprehensive consultations, assessment, treatment planning, play therapy, and behavioral therapy. As a pediatric psychologist, Dr. Poulos takes a particular interest in addressing developmental delays, speech/language challenges, autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, and the psychological effects of medical and genetic conditions. She works closely with other professionals to provide continuity of care to her young patients and their families. Dr. Poulos also offers strategies for effective parenting, family involvement, and fostering supportive home and school environments.

After completing her undergraduate degree in psychology and child/family development through the University of Georgia, Dr. Poulos received her Masters and Doctorate in clinical psychology from Georgia School of Professional Psychology in Atlanta. During graduate school, she trained within a thriving private practice, Emory Autism Center at the Emory University School of Medicine, along with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and the Aflac Cancer Center. After relocating to her home state of Michigan, Dr. Poulos completed a residency in Pediatric Neuropsychology at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital and Behavioral Resources and Institute for Neuropsychological Services in Grand Rapids. She then returned to Atlanta in 2011 to open Intown Pediatric Behavioral Wellness. Since then, she has helped over 5,000 children receive critical diagnoses, early intervention, and psychological services.

Lastly, Dr. Poulos has completed research on the psychosocial effects of pet ownership and attachment in children and has a passion for animal-assisted therapy. Active in her profession, she maintains memberships in the Society of Pediatric Psychology, the American Psychological Association, and the Georgia Psychological Association.