Intown Pediatric Behavioral Wellness has paired with several universities in Georgia to provide supervised practicums and fellowships for undergraduate students, graduate students, and post-graduates seeking state licensure. Each practicum experience is specialized to the student’s interests and specific school requirements.

Practicum opportunities may involve the following: conducting intake interviews, comprehensive psychological assessment, scoring and interpretation of data, assessment report writing, assessment feedback/treatment planning sessions, behavioral and play therapy sessions, parent training sessions, sibling interaction sessions, evidence-based therapeutic techniques, therapy note taking, case conferences, group supervision, and inpidual supervision. Additionally, we seek to provide insight into the dynamics of running a private practice (i.e., business model, scheduling, billing, insurance communication, etc.).

For additional information on practicum opportunities, please speak with the director of training at your university as well as provide us with a letter of interest, copy of your current curriculum viate, and letters of recommendation/list of references.