Greetings and thank you for reaching out to Intown Wellness!

Please carefully review the information below regarding current appointment availability and services provided by our Clinical Psychologists: Dr. Jennifer Poulos and Dr. Basil Alrafati

3 Types of Psychological Evaluations:

1) (SCHEDULE CURRENTLY CLOSED) Initial Diagnosis/ First Time Psychological Evaluations (Dr. Poulos evaluates children 0-5 yrs and Dr. Alrafati evaluates children 0-7 yrs): Dr. Poulos and Dr. Alrafati are ​Fully Booked through August of 2024 for comprehensive psychological evaluations to determine their child’s possible diagnosis (i.e., Autism, Language Disorder, ADHD, Behavior Disorders, etc.).

  • Scheduling for September-December 2024 appointments on August 14, 2024, at 9am. At that time, please call (404) 476-3535 and leave one message with your child’s name, age, and insurance provider. All calls will go directly to the voicemail and are returned in the order received; therefore, please leave only one message.

2) (SCHEDULE OPEN) Updated Autism Evaluations (children of all ages with a current ASD diagnosis): If your child already has a diagnosis of autism and you are seeking the Medicaid update required for ABA therapy/insurance, please call to request a “CARS/GARS Plus Evaluation” appointment and we can typically accommodate you within 4 weeks. During these evaluations, we can also assess for additional co-morbidities, such as ADHD, in conjunction with ASD.

3) (SCHEDULE OPEN) Katie Beckett/Deeming Waiver (KBDW), State Waivers, SSI, and NOW Comp Waiver Evaluations (Dr. Poulos evaluates for 0-18 years of age): These evaluations are reserved for patients who have been specifically referred to a waiver program. Typically, these patients have a current developmental or medical disability, and they are seeking to obtain additional insurance coverage in conjunction with their private insurance plan.

Insurance: Our office accepts All Medicaid Plans (i.e., SSI Medicaid, Katie Beckett Medicaid, PeachState, Caresource, Amerigroup), Blue Cross Blue Shield, Anthem, Aetna, UMR, United Healthcare, Cigna. Private pay rates for psychological assessment can be discussed based on each individual patient profile and may range from $650- $1,500.

Therapy: We are no longer accepting therapy patients.

Lastly, if we are unable to assist you, please find the following list of Clinical Psychologists who also perform psychological testing . Please reach out to these providers directly via their listed phone numbers or websites:
Dr. Tayler Turnquist (478-242-6763;; Atlanta and Woodstock) specializes in psychological testing for children 0-6 years of age.
Dr. Heather Cygan (770-758-7703;; Atlanta and Snellville) specializes in psychological testing for children 0-16 years of age.
Dr. Alleena Bennett (470-807-9147;; Stockbridge) specializes in psychological testing for children 0-7 years of age.
Dr. Robin Rosenthal (404-556-4799;; Atlanta) specializes in psychological testing and therapeutic services for children 4 years and older.

Thank you again for reaching out and best wishes to you and your family!
~Intown Wellness