Amanda M.
Submitted 10/27/21
Dr. Poulos was wonderful with my daughter. We are so thankful for the excellent service we received.

Shenise S.
Submitted 10/17/21
Dr. Poulos is amazing. I spent months trying to convince other peofessionals that something was different with my child, Dr. Poulos took him immediately and got right down to the root of the problem. Her care with my children has been impeccable. My family is forever grateful.

Brittany D.
Submitted 03/29/21
Very impressed with her professionalism, compassion, and flexibility!

Quadishia R.
Submitted 02/07/21
Dr.Poulos is amazing! I was referred to her by my son’s pediatrician. My pediatrician told me she always refers her patient to because of how thorough she is and thorough she was. The whole process was detailed I was never confused about what tests and procedures she was completing. You can tell this is her passion! The office staff was very helpful and courteous.

Treyanna S.
Submitted 02/06/21
The experience always excellent dr Poulos is great with my child

Jessica T.
Submitted 12/12/20
Dr. Jenn and her staff are wonderful! I highly recommend them.

Aniqua M.
Submitted 11/21/20
Everyone was really great. I am happy I was recommended to go to Intown.

Tiffany J.
Submitted 11/13/20
Very kind and helpful. Very informative as well. I felt like my daughter was in great hands.

Ronald D.
Submitted 11/02/20
I was very pleased with Dr. Poulos during her interview with our son. She was also very thorough with the preliminary information she needed from us. I found her to be very competent and concerned about her patients.

Melody E.
Submitted 11/01/20
Dr. Poulos is by far the most caring and professional provider I have ever seen. She truly cares about her patients and delivers exceptional care!

Marie A.
Submitted 10/30/20
Dr. Poulos was very understanding & humble. Our son felt comfortable working with her.

Amy S.
Submitted 10/26/20
Dr. Poulos is filled with compassion and truly takes the time to clearly understand the needs of those in front of her to maximize their future potential!

Alexandria D.
Submitted 10/21/20
Well first Dr. Poulos and her staff are extremely nice. She answered every question I had and she’s very thorough.

Star B.
Submitted 10/21/20
Dr. Poulos has such a amazing way of making you for comfortable about questions concerns the development of you child. She also provides very helpful recommendations to help you assist your child in whatever issue you feel your child may have

Kristin S.
Submitted 09/26/20
Dr. Poulos was very knowledgeable, incredibly kind and understanding, and very quick to provide us with our evaluation results. She was also easy to get in touch with and her staff is wonderful. I highly recommend!

Amber L.
Submitted 08/21/20
Talking to Dr. Poulos is ALWAYS such a pleaser. She is so open and very informative about everything and the conversation flows so easily. Making it very comfortable especially when sometimes the conversation may be on the tougher side.

Danielle D.
Submitted 08/21/20
Very helpful

Tiffany P.
Submitted 08/14/20
Dr. Poulos and her team were amazing with my son. We are blessed to have found her and excited to start this partnership of providing support for my children with her.

Mariana C.
Submitted 08/13/20
Dr Poulos is the nicest person ever, she is very helpful and understanding. We love her!

Submitted 08/10/20
she was great and explained

Submitted 08/07/20
Dr. Poulos and her God given love for the children she and her team serve is very evident in the progress and growth of my son. Her recommendations are sufficient, and have exceeded any expectation that I thought I had!! Absolutely Amazing! I don’t want my son having to go anywhere else ever❤

Kandace K.
Submitted 08/06/20
Dr Poulos was warm and welcoming. We felt comfortable and had a great visit

Mariela C.
Submitted 07/30/20

Katie E.
Submitted 07/23/20
Dr. Poulos is fantastic. She is professional and compassionate, and connected immediately with my son!

Chasity P.
Submitted 07/23/20
Friendly and kind

Jessica D.
Submitted 07/22/20
I loved the staff and the set up of the office. It was so warm and welcoming, even in the midst of COVID. The only negative I’d share is that the initial paperwork is A LOT! So be prepared. I completed my son’s intake form electronically prior to my visit, thinking I’d shave off time from the visit. The intake form is a bit lengthy too, but it’s doable. I wasn’t aware that there’d be more in person evaluation forms to fill out when I arrive. So bring a snack or something lol. I wish I’d been able to observe my son’s evaluation, but I was so occupied with the lengthy questionnaires. Thankfully, my husband was able to sit through the evaluation while I completed all the forms. But despite this, I would most definitely recommend this office. My son truly enjoyed this experience.

Ashley D.
Submitted 07/22/20
Wonderful experience with our daughter’s evaluation. We really like Dr. Poulos a lot.

Missashley C.
Submitted 07/01/20

Jhamna L.
Submitted 06/09/20
Pleasant, patient and very understanding.

Cemetra B.
Submitted 06/05/20
Dr. Jennifer Poulos, Psy.D and staff are so professional and caring. We appreciate the service and how expeditiously, the concern for our son was handled. We definitely recommend Dr. Jennifer Poulos, Psy.D if ever there is a concern for someone you care for and want to establish possible needed assistance.

Aaron And Christine W.
Submitted 05/23/20
Dr. Polous and team were extremely friendly, patient, and professional. We look forward to them working with our child more in the future.

Aminat S.
Submitted 05/02/20
Dr. Poulos was very attentive to us and she is very informative.

Sylvia F.
Submitted 04/29/20

Moriah M.
Submitted 04/29/20
Dr. Poulos was great! She did a wonderful evaluation in a timely manner even during the COVID-19 Quarantine! With a child who is deaf and hearing impaired! I was very impressed and thankful!

Submitted 04/23/20
I am so glad that my son can still have his visits since we can’t go into the office. He loves talking with you.

Paula B.
Submitted 04/22/20
Very thorough phone consultation.

Niger M.
Submitted 04/19/20
As always caring, convenient, and interested in the wellness of my little one and supportive of how the parent is handling the stress level of loving and raising a child with Special Needs.

Shelly D.
Submitted 04/17/20
Dr. Poulos was kind, gentle, professional and adept at testing my daughter. My daughter has cerebral palsy and is non verbal, and Dr. Poulos was able to fully test her over telemedicine giving her all she needed to answer questions and engage. She was frankly, amazing.

Ozan O.
Submitted 04/12/20
Very easy to work with!!

Gina W.
Submitted 04/11/20
We love Dr Poulos and could not imagine being on this journey without her help!

Twunja G.
Submitted 04/11/20
An absolute God send to my kids. They’ve done a complete 180 since I placed their mental and emotional well being in her hands. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her.

Roshell L.
Submitted 04/09/20
Dr Poulos was great and easy to talk too. Great job with getting to know Matthew. Looking forward to meeting you in person for our next appointment.

Elexus S.
Submitted 04/06/20
Exceptional service

Gracie H.
Submitted 04/02/20
I love this Doctor. She has a gentle spirit with her patients. She has compassion for all of her patients. She’s very professional and detail with her treatment. She also take the time to explain her report. And answer all questions. I would highly recommend her. She is at the top of my list with best Physicians in Atlanta area.

Taylor I.
Submitted 03/31/20
We were so impressed with the way Dr. Poulos listened and affirmed us as parents and helped us find the help for our child.

Lateasha S.
Submitted 03/25/20
Very happy with the attentiveness and fast response

LaKedra C.
Submitted 03/21/20
Dr.Poulos is amazing! From the time you walk in it’s very obvious that she enjoys what she does from how the practice is set up. She made sure it was catered to children. Once she takes them to the back she has an amazing set up with a variety of toys to keep the children focused and occupied as she observes and it is simply amazing. I am so glad I was referred to her and I would recommend anyone to send their kids to her.

Angela C.
Submitted 03/18/20
Great experience with Dr. Poulos and staff. Wait time was minimal. The staff was pleasant and accommodating, and I recieved my evaluation report promptly.

Ashley L.
Submitted 02/21/20
Dr Poulos is the most wonderful doctor I’ve ever experienced! Her staff is very friendly as well. She genuinely cares and wants to help our children! She has made our journey with Autism alot more stress free with getting an appointment and diagnosis all within 4 months and I’ll never be able to thank her enough! The waitlist for other places is outrageous so finding her was a huge blessing! She also gives wonderful recommendations!

Evita J.
Submitted 01/28/20
Amazing quality. Friendly staff. If you are on the fence about bringing your child in, then I highly recommend contacting her. We have been going for over 2 years with no regrets.

Michaela C.
Submitted 01/28/20
Amazing. Dr. Poulos does wonderful with my three children. Anything I need she helps if she’s able